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Confront the ghost, acknowledge its exsisence, tell it to leave.

Hey, look I'm updating once more.

Today school was cancelled for bomb/shooting threats. Weird stuff... it sucks because today was the day we put all of the supplements into the yearbooks, that should have shipped today... However with no school today... it means tomorrow (the day we release the books) the staff with have to put all 1000+ supplements into every single 1000+ yearbooks, by after school... so the release may be delayed. I'm unsure...

Sex in the city is on... I've never seen that show before but have always been curious about it...So I think I'm going to watch it.

Tomorrow is also the BBQ and senior awards for choir and band after the alleged "yearbook signing party"(i think.. not confirmed...). And jazz is playing... and the other bands as well, but I just want to hear jazz band play. Haha.. so tomorrow should be stressful, but hey why should i worry when it is still today?

Le sigh.

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