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I left my heart... In Fran Sancisco

So today we got home from San Francisco today. Go band trips. It was okay, there were times when I felt lonely, and alot of dumb drama happened but it wasnt too bad. When I got home, we had a new addition to the family, a little girl puppy named Daisy. (the name is really cliche to me, lol) Anyways, so yeah. It was pretty fun. Tons of rollercoasters, and water rides, as well as shopping on pier 39, and gay men in the hard rock cafe. *throws confetti* Everyone loves gay men. Haha. Just joking. So yeah. I should go do my homework though.

Daisy is adorable. Shes a black lab, with some chocolate in her as well. I've never had a dog, and everything that happened today has seemed more like a dream than anything... It's weird but I hope I don't wake up. School is too close to ending. I can't wait though.

Frankly, I could care less if I make it into AP Spanish. Yeah.

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