Sarah the Saxabone (tobebodhicitta) wrote,
Sarah the Saxabone

Mmm I smell like a Christian.

Hello again livejournal,

So I slept in until like 1 this morning. I had to do lots of chores today though, and I have no really got a chance to talk to Justin. However, I just took a shower and I feel mighty clean. ^_^ I like being able to smell clean. Also, Ive been playing a lot of ToS lately, because that game rocks. I'm in that small fishing village of Izoold. Lessie, and tonight is prom. Yay or something. Um.. yeah, and the best thing is I woke up and thought it was Sunday. That was pretty great. It really just feels like a Sunday to me though. =] My new diet is working really good, I've lost like 6 pounds or something in the last week, so that makes me pretty hopeful for the summer. Hehehe. Wellll I'm thirsty and should dry my hair, so I'ma go. Byeeee.

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