Sarah the Saxabone (tobebodhicitta) wrote,
Sarah the Saxabone

Lick it dry, wonder just who am I?

It's about time to change my background again, the last background is gone now for one reason or another (i.e it's white). Today was another mediocre kind of day. Had to take lots of tests and stuff, and study for finals next week. Maybe, I'll just miss everyone. I can already sense it. It almost feels as though people are distancing themselves from people. Today was the last day to see Mrs. McCarty before next year, since she won't be here on Tuesday or Finals. We had a fun last class, of presenting our Death of a Chronicle Foretold performances and art. I think shes going to a different state to grade AP tests. I have a sinking feeling I'm not going to pass 2 of my classes, which scares the shit out of me. I really want to find a way to raise my grades. They are so close to C's but this year, my testing skills have gone downhill a lot. The truth is I really don't want to go into Spanish 5 or PDM... I wouldn't mind taking a summer course for Spanish, I'm pretty good at it, I just got so nervous for tests this year.... >.< Grreat. Hah. Blah anyways, time to do something more productive.
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