Sarah the Saxabone (tobebodhicitta) wrote,
Sarah the Saxabone

I don't know what to say here

Blah. BBq was tonight. I'm not in a very good mood and I have not been for most of today. It has been just one of those days I suppose. Everything feels so empty, and I have been really pessimistic. At the bbq tonight, Megan accidently spilled my lemonade, so I walked around for most of the night with a large sticky spot from my butt all the way to the bottom of my pants. It was a funny and embarrassing situation, but it is okay. It was an accident, and she loaned me her sweater to cover it, that was nice. I don't really know what to say.

Yearbook release went fine, skipped lunch Wednesday for it, but yeah. Wednesday was a really good day (compared to the rest of the week) for me despite a few little arguments with a friend. *sigh* Hope tomorrow goes better than today. ^_^

Today Drew played this song by Postal Service, so now I feel like listening to them again. Heh.
On another note... I miss someone too....

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