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Hello again. Today was the final IHS assembly. I feel kind of sad because I actually know most of the people who are graduating this year. I won't see them next year, and not only that but north won't be apart of regular cool miserable IHS after I graduate. I don't really know how its gonna work though, so I probably shouldn't complain.

My friendships have been taking 180's lately, its really weird... new things and ideals are blossoming and I feel as though I'm growing more as a person. My weight loss routine is going pretty well, aside from today.. I gained for some reason... Sucks. Haha.

I went to the NRQ 97 Days of Summer Concert Saturday. Presidents of the US and Rock n Roll Soldiers put on a superb show. We jumped around in the mud and had a jolly old time, because we are from Eugene, and we are expected to do this. I'm going to the RNRS show on the 16th at the WOW hall. Woo for that. Well I'll be off. Everything completely stressful is pretty much done with. =]
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