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Spring break is almost over T - T

I really wish we had a few more days of Spring Break past monday.... gosh even a Wednesday would do for me. I'm really just nervous about my Projects. I hardly know what to do but I'm gonna go to the Library to research on Monday, maybe I can get Ånna to come along or something. Who knows. Plus preparations for my orals... but that won't be too hard, I know what I am going to say and really its just turning it into a 3 minute speech plus class discussion. O_O oh brother. Anyways, today was my aunts birthday and it was fun. I ate carrots, pea-pods and strawberries for dinner. They were delicious though. =D Hmm last night I slept over at Heathers house and we had a really delightful afternoon. We went out for lunch/dinner at Spring Garden, got some yummy chinese food. Sang in the rain, rode the bus to The Beanery, and got some yummy shtuff. It was getting dark so we rode to VRC and heather got Absolute Boyfriend, Yuu Watase's recent creation. Its really good, I need to buy it soon. XD Blah blah blah... oh yeah and today I finally finished watching Fruits Basket. I heart it but the ending made me wishing something more would have happened. It was more of a cliffhanger. *shoots self* Then again the last episode I got.. yeah the sound got all fucked up. ///-T <- see the emo tears!?!? SEE EM?! meeeehhh... well I'm a little tired and I should probably work on my homework. ^_^

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