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Ryu, I'm Home

Sakuracon was fantabulous. Although, only when we were actually at the con was extremely enjoyable. (IE hotel was *random scribbles)
Sarah's Con Cherry = Popped =3

Lets see, we first got there and it was night time Thursday, don't get me started about before we started our ride up, because let me tell you, rushing would be the understatement of the year...... We waited for the train group to arrive and it was boring, but we were happy that the 6 hour drive was finally not a 6 hour drive any longer. We set up our rooms and I was with Lillith, Nicole and Mengen. I helped sew Lillith's last part of her costume and she looked really good in it. Sewing is a lot of fun, I want to learn to make more intricate designs. Shayne, Chelsea Kat and Britt were in the other room, and the boys Kevin, Jasin, Justin, Eirik, and Eathan, had their own room. Right when we got there, there was an issue. The people had not put the refrigerator and microwave in our room. So Sha called her mom and she told them off. Well the man, we playfully named Manjeet came up and we did not understand what he was rambling. Something about where our teachers location in another room...(teacher...!?). Well... the point is we got an extra room for a night.. for free. XD

Sakuracon... wow. Amazing. Friday Justin and I were like awww we should have worn our cosplay outfits. T - T emo tears. Anyways, we were like all amazing and drooling over all the pretty costumes and stuff. ALL of us were giddy x100 (+1). We acted like n00bs. Go us man. Go US! So basically we just wondered around and took a lots of pictures. I bought a Zaku II S head pillow. It was adorable and I couldn't contain myself around it. Lets see.. blah blah blah, Megan and Sha bought everything Kyo there is to buy. We went home in groups and I found a cute panda umbrella(That I think I left in your mom's van Lillith!! T - T). Oh yeah I lost my wallet too. I cried, seriously. I was like running around and the lost and found didnt have it. I thought I left it in the room where the 404's did their improve and the karaoke. Turns out.. Nicole had it the whole time!!! XDD Funny.

We also ran into the coolest people ever cosplaying as Nittle Grasper. Our group grouppied them for a while, but Justin and I walked around some more. There were shops, rooms, contests, tons of cosplay, really good deals on merchandise and stuff, and also really bad deals on merchandise and stuff. ^_^"" Uhh when we got back to the hotel we had a laid back kind of night. Except then Chelsea got sick. She missed Saturday. It was sad. We cosplayed that day and got our pictures taken... all that good stuff He was the only actually naturally blond Ed guy, and I was one of the Risa's from DN Angel... even though I hate her character... lol. My mom called around 4 and by then Justin and I were dying and sick. We were dead tired, he had a fever, sore throat. Etc Etc? So Megan Justin Lillith I went back to the hotel after a while of not feeling good. (After we saw Weifs kruez) *sigh* We acted like silly girls and it was way fun and i felt better.

Hmm... Then Justin got even more sick and did not go on Sunday. Megan and I went as buddies, but she left halfway through the day. So I went with Brit and Kat, and we followe Nittle Grasper around and it was so much fun. We got autographs and pictures. I got to hug Tohma and it made me really happy. I also hugged Sonic. Sha glomped the Sonic like 50 times and it was funny. We spent our remaining monies and went to closing ceremonies. It was kind of boring but kind of not, it gave me closure but Britt was really unhappy about it ending. We got Ryu's email and I talked to her online tonight. She was such a sweetie.

Sunday night was the really chaotic night, to tell you the truth. Everyone got sick. Justin had a really super high fever, and he could barely speak. He couldn't walk at all either. Megan was not feeling well still, same with Sha, I was not (but i think I was better than Megan and Sha). We all laid in bed with Justin and the boys were like "Oh he has 3 girls on his bed and hes too sick to do anything about it". Heh.

And then eventually we thought it was time for bed.Once Megan and I finally go Sha out of the boys room, she barfed over the edge of the balcony. O_O Eventually... after a lot of drama, because the dumb peoples wouldn't unclog the damn toilet we got another free room, sha slept in the other room, the one that was mine nicole lillith and Megan's. I slept with Chelsea Megan Kat and Brit. It got crowded. Hahaha. It was a difficult but fun night. Everyone got queasy at one point in the night.

Monday was a mess and we were mad at Manjeet and Abdul. Lol. I'll explain the rest later if i want, but eventually we got home, because I'm writing this. Nittle Grasper has restored my want to watch Gravi again so I am and now I'm off to bed because im tired. This is a really long entry. Kudos to those who can read it, hahahha.
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