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Chocolate Covered Stress

~~Todays Major Eventful Items of the Week~~

------ Huge IB presentation on Thursday, I along with a few others were absent the day she gave it out, ironically enough, we are the only students in class who don't have all winter break to do it. I'm unprepared and extremely stressed/nervous! YAY!

+++Sakuracon is in a few days!!

++Grocery Shopping for Sakuracon is tomorrow!

+Done with tests in Spanish and Math until I get back from Spring Break

--Essay in Econ due(Late)

- Took notes on the wrong chapter in the econ book

- Tired

+ mmm Chocolate

--- Commentary due this week and I have no idea what it is supposed to be about. (Econ again)

++ Leave halfway through the day on Thursday for Seattle Washington!

++ Seeing Sweet Charity again Wednesday

+ Starting new lessons in FST and Span4

+ Getting better at economics, without Diallos help... because she isn't really a help.

--- I don't really have time to be making this post
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