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Whats new Pikachu?

Hey. Wow I'm updating, again! (O_O) Danielle, kyle's girlfriend came down to town today and so I chilled with them places, and Justin was there as well. Sweet Charity was unfortunately an option so I couldn't go see it again... Sadness. Camping was okay. Kinda boring, but yeah. We spent way too much money on board games and movies though. XD We played a lot of fun stuff though, and I got a fuzzy poster to color. Ahhh Sweet nostalgia. Baked Chips are pretty good. I miss playing WOW and ganking things. I took notes on my economics lesson, and did homework. I'm a little cold and crampy. I'm going to go get water. XP

Oh yeah I forgot to say, I finally learned the saxophone. Yay. *throws confetti*

Sarah the Saxabone
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