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Happy Happy Birthday To KAT

Dear Lj,

Sweet Charity was quite good and I'm hoping to see it again Sunday, when the pit plays better. Everyone did a good job though.

(I hope you didn't forget my appointment Ryo!)

I saw Eric there, which was kind of uncomfortable for me, because he allegedly doesn't want to hang out with us, but he was there with Catherine. Then after the play, before Anna could say hi, be snuck out the door. Hehe. Justin was gonna come visit before I left, but his car was out. Poor fellow =3 Anyways, so I'm leaving for the coast/camping/"trying out" the new trailer. Heh. Anyways, good times. Withdrawal is totally consuming my brain! AHHHHHHH its eating it!! AHHHHHH make it stop!!! Okay, Done. XDD

Bye bye everyone!!!

Sarah the Saxabone <---Wishes she was needed in the pit T__T
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